The most highly rated of any sales lever, now fully automated

95% of sales reps consider prospects asking for connections with existing clients as a burden. helps you turn it into a massive opportunity to close more deals, faster.

Proactively connect your prospects with happy customers in 2 clicks

3 types of connections
Short written feedback, recorded audio/video answers to your prospect's questions or live reference call: Select the right type of connection according to your sales cycle and type of prospect.
Keep control over the process
See exactly at which stage of the connection process your prospects are thanks to your dashboard.
No over-solicitation
Our algorithm avoids soliciting your customers every time you enroll a new prospect, making it a highly scalable tool.
Fast connection process
Prospects  get in touch with happy customers in 48 hours on average thanks to
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Our customers are our best ambassadors

"Claym offers us a solution to a real business problem. It's a question of using our customer references in a sustained and simple way in our sales processes, without over-soliciting our customer base."

Edouard, 360Learning Sales operations & Strategy EMEA

Our customers are our best ambassadors

"Claym has enabled us to industrialize the reference-taking process, which is key to our future customers' decision-making. It has also enabled us to make less use of our best ambassadors by recording their testimonials, making the process more flexible and automated."

Jérémy, Hipay Head of business development France

Our customers are our best ambassadors

"Unique offer that brings enormous value. Shortens the sales cycle and has a huge impact on conversion."

Sonia, Batch CMO

Our customers are our best ambassadors

"What I like about Claym is the ability to quickly gather all my customers' testimonials and share them with my prospects in a very simple way! The tool is easy to learn."

Gaspard, Gymlib Head of business development

Our customers are our best ambassadors

"We were won over by the value proposition, and in particular by the fact that something that is usually tedious is made simple and enjoyable for both the provider and the customer."

Paul, Potions Co-founder & CRO

Our customers are our best ambassadors

"What appealed to me was the originality of the product, which will help Sales by adding a key step in the sales cycle. I'm convinced that it helps us sign more easily."

Marine, Manager One Development director

Our customers are our best ambassadors

"Claym's disruptive approach to solving a simple problem in our business: how to gain trust and credibility for our solutions as quickly as possible? Our buyers personas evolve in information systems security, and customer testimonials are just as valuable as certain product features. So, having access to an evolving database of customer testimonials is a considerable advantage for us."

Fabrice, Ilex Sales and Marketing director

Our customers are our best ambassadors

"Buldi wanted to implement an ambassador strategy from 2023. The Claym solution seemed ideal for getting this strategy off the ground."

Nicolas, Buldi Co-founder & CRO

Our customers are our best ambassadors

"Our sales teams have to manage complex sales (with several contacts and a sales cycle spanning several months, sometimes even a year).  We wanted to implement a new approach to boost our prospects' confidence at different stages of the sales process, so as to shorten the time it takes to get a go/no-go and further improve our conversion rates. To do this, we wanted to build on our customer references, but until now had lacked method and effectiveness, which is why we turned to Claym."

Tony, Bluekango Head of sales

Our customers are our best ambassadors

"We see this as an innovative solution that enables us to rely on our customer Ambassadors to win over new prospects at any stage of the sales cycle."

Romain, Axialys Sales director