A complete customer reference management platform

Claym helps you centralize, segment and leverage this untapped gold mine, to help your sales and marketing teams strengthen their credibility, reassure your prospects and therefore improve your conversion rates. 

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Launch a client reference program

Customer testimonials are among the top 3 most impactful contents to help salespeople close sales, yet 70% remain untapped due to lack of suitable processes.

  • Identification of your ambassador customers
  • Automating your collection of testimonials in audio, written and video format

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Centralize, enrich and segment your library o​f client references

With centralized management of your references, your teams will no longer waste unnecessary time searching for the most relevant references for their prospect.

  • Import and centralize your existing testimonials in your library
  • Add marketing actions that your clients are willing to carry out on your client cards (webinars, public speaking, etc.).
  • Synchronization of new testimonials collected together in your library
  • Testimonials collected together will be synchronized in your library
  • Choose your personalized filters (size, industry, etc.) and match them to your client cards

Leverage on your customer references

Use your testimonials in all stages of your funnel: lead acquisition, prospecting and closing

  • Lead generation Marketing 
    • Create targeted landing pages by personas, industry... for all your inbound channels (LinkedIn, e-mail, etc.)
    • Integrate your chatbot link as an iframe on your website
    • Track your campaign metrics using the marketing dashboard.

  • Increase conversion rate from a lead to an opportunity
    • Chatbot tracking link per Sales sent to prospects that deliver asynchronously video and audio content stored in your library and collected upstream together
    • Matching system between prospects and customer testimonials based on your personalized filters

  • Increase transformation rate from an opportunity to closed
    • Closing - Live connection between prospect and customer for a reference call
    • Dashboard for tracking actions carried out by the prospect

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What are the benefits for your teams?  

Sales Team

  • Strengthen your credibility by proactively reassuring your prospects
  • Gain autonomy and efficiency in the exploitation of customer references without depending on CSM teams
  • Differentiate yourself from your competitors and be innovative in the way you present your customer references


AM & CSM Team

  • Make it easier to collect testimonials from your customers with our user-friendly video survey
    Avoid over-soliciting your clients for reference calls
    Use  information gathered to adapt your renew and upsell strategies

Marketing Team

  • Save time identifying your advocates and  testimonials collection
  • Centralize your existing and new testimonials within the same platform
  • Use the collected content as a lead acquisition lever
  • Capitalize on the base of identified advocate for other marketing actions

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